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Pharmaceutical Labels

Pharmaceutical Labels

Pharma labels need to follow certain guidelines for quality and safety. So it makes manufacture of this kind of labels more important than any other kind of label. All labels printed in the pharmaceutical industry need to be designed and made in such a way that it should be easily readable for everyone irrespective of the outer conditions. We at Focus Inbox Packaging Private Limited strictly follow the guidelines and hence we are most preferred in this sector. We promise the best service to our clients.

Labels printed for the Pharmaceutical industry have a wide range. The labels may be over-the-counter medicine labels or prescription medicine labels. All these kinds of medicine labels need to follow the strict guidelines. Labels should state the name of the medicine, its composition in percentage, the amount of active ingredient, route of administration, storage condition and expiry date. The name of the manufacturer is also an important thing which must be mentioned on the label of a pharma product.

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