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Holograme/Security Labels

Holograme/Security Labels

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In such a situation, holograms are used for security purpose by the original company. At Focus Inbox Packaging Pvt. Ltd, we are very concerned about the genuineness of our products and security of the products of our customers. So produce the hologram labels of the best quality. Through our holographic labels we provide highest label of security and authentication of your product. We use the most advanced security technology and techniques while making holograms, which make it virtually impossible for other fake companies to make duplicate copies of your product. Our holograms promise to beat every attempt of the counterfeiters.

Apart from security, we also provide a large range of designs which makes us a preferred destination for the customers who want both securities and looks. We give utmost respect to the needs of our clients and design the holograms accordingly. Different types of holograms such as security labels, sticker labels, and tamper evident labels are manufactured by us to meet the demands and specific requirements of our esteemed clients.

Each hologram label has unique optical property. So it is almost impossible for someone to replicate it. We design the holograms in such a way that it complements the packaging of your product. So along with security of your product, we also try to make your product look more stylish. An advanced version of holograms is also there, which is tamper-proof. With this technology, an attempt of tampering can easily be caught. This technology uses polyester face stock and strong adhesive. Another kind of hologram that is made by us is writing protected labels. If you want to protect a signature or product information or any other text, then this kind of hologram will suit your purpose. The writing protected holograms will protect your text from water, solvent and tampering.

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